Cozy Powell Documentary

I am one of the producers of a documentary on drummer and rock legend Cozy Powell, which is currently in principal photography.

‘Dance With The Devil’ will be a feature-length film, exploring the life and career of an amazingly talented and incredibly prolific musician.

So far we have interviewed Suzi Quatro, Glenn Tipton, Graham Bonnet, Keith Emerson, Bernie Marsden, Roger Glover, Don Airey, Michael Casswell, his tour manager Bob Adcock, manager Brenda Brooker as well as his school friend Rev. Nicholas Henderson, friend and journalist Joe Geesin and his very first bandmates John Burgess and Fred Lea.

We are also in the process of acquiring archive footage and music.

If you’d like to be involved in the documentary in any way, either because you knew or worked with Cozy or perhaps you work in film financing and distribution, then I’d would love to hear from you, even if it’s just as a fan of Cozy.

You can use the contact page here or email:

And please follow the project on twitter: @cozypowellfilm

Here are some teaser clips from the documentary and some radio coverage the project has received: