Like 99% of the world’s population, I have a podcast.

Actually to be precise, I am a regular host on someone else’s show: ‘The Vialucci Media Podcast’. The show is the brainchild of Theo X, and is co-hosted by Charles Kirby.

Generally speaking, the episodes are divided between either interviews or discussions.

Interviews are conducted with a really broad spectrum of individuals, and these aren’t biographies.

Perhaps the common thread is that these are people who have forged something of their own, whether it’s a career, a business, a way of life or a philosophy. Quite often, these are trailblazers in their chosen field.

When we aren’t interviewing, we engage in free-form discussion about the week’s events, or pop culture, or we just have a good old fashioned rant.

You can listen to the show via itunes or soundcloud (we’re available on most platforms, so search for ‘Vialucci Media’ and/or ‘Vialucci Podcast’ if you use a different service).

Also, you can watch a stream of the show on Youtube.