A producer with over 10 years’ experience in live television production including sports, gaming and shopping/falling-price auction. I have also produced short films and music videos, and possess a great deal of knowledge, contacts and passion for the role.

As well as working for-hire, I am also producing a feature length documentary on rock legend Cozy Powell.


Freelance Live Programme Operator/On Air Producer (Discovery Communications, 2016 – PRESENT):


As an LPO/OAP, I have responsibility for managing the broadcast of live sport events across Discovery’s Northern European networks (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway on both their respective Eurosport channels and Free-To-Air channels).

This requires a great deal of multi-tasking and leadership, as there are many duties required of an LPO/OAP and no two broadcasts are ever the same. I must also be up-to-date on the latest operating procedures specific for the type of event and the territory it will be broadcast in, and be fully adaptable to the changing nature of live sports.

Excellent communication skills are also a must, as I will be speaking not only with team-members in London across various departments but also with colleagues across Europe where a language barrier may also exist.

During my time as an LPO/OAP, I have had the great pleasure of working on many high-profile events such as top-flight football in the UK, Spain, Italy, Norway and Denmark, Tennis Grand Slam and Tour Finals and the Winter Olympic Games 2016.

Responsibilities include:

  • First point of contact for all departments during live broadcast, including on-site Productions and Commentators.
  • Execute correct procedure for each live broadcast in cooperation with Ingest Operators, Live Technical Operators, and Engineering.
  • Instructing Ingest and Live Technical Operators in programming requirements, including emergency procedures.
  • Liaising with Ingest Operators, Live Technical Operators, and Engineering, as well as Production during live broadcasts.
  • Fulfilling external client requirements, e.g. ensuring live odds commercials are played-out correctly and reporting discrepancies where necessary.
  • Updating scheduling system during the live broadcast(s) and making required adjustments to maintain schedule.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory body is maintained and report any discrepancies to relevant parties.
  • Confirming recording requirements with Ingest and ensuring these are processed correctly.
  • Writing reports after each live event, highlighting both programme technical issues for follow-up as well as commercial and promo reports.
  • Assist Supervisor in additional duties, as and when required, such as writing guides and standard-operating procedure manuals.
  • Training new staff and freelance LPO’s/OAP’s.


Live Producer (Netplay TV/Betsson Group. 2009 – 2019):


As live producer, I worked on Netplay’s two casino brands: ‘Supercasino’ and ‘Jackpot247’, which were broadcast nightly on Channel 5 and ITV respectively, as well as on each website’s respective live steaming service.

Producing by myself without management supervision, I was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and had to multi-task across several roles that covered the creative and technical sides of a live show.

Responsibilities included:

  • Solo live producer; broadcasting online via web-stream and live on Channel 5, Channel 5 +1 and ITV.
  • Co-ordinating with broadcasters when joining/leaving their channels.
  • Liaising with Technical Support, Customer Care and other departments during broadcast.
  • Compliance checking and monitoring for content, promotional materials and game results.
  • Vision mixing, sound mixing, graphics operation and remote camera operation.
  • Running live games of roulette for duration of broadcast.
  • Creating show-plans.
  • Briefing and directing on-screen talent.
  • Scheduling talent changeovers during broadcast.
  • Website monitoring.
  • Tracking player/customer numbers, logging registrations and deposit figures.
  • Monitoring social media accounts and player/customer emails.
  • Set-up and close-down of studio and gallery.
  • Writing show reports to be sent to department heads, senior management and broadcasters.
  • Handling of sensitive and confidential information.
  • Providing feedback on talent, promotions, products and the shows in general as well as suggesting new materials and content for on-air use.
  • Participation in department and company meetings.


Freelance Technical Operator (EnabledWare/Fulham FC, 2015):


During the 2015 Premier League season, I worked occasional shifts with EnabledWare for Fulham FC as a technical operator, primarily on replays for key moments during matches.

Responsibilities included:

  • Monitoring matchplay and identifying key points.
  • Recording and playing back key moments such as shots-on-target, goals and fouls.
  • Liaising with the Director and Producer, keeping them aware of recordings.


Freelance Live Producer (The Jewellery Channel, 2008 – 2010):


Producing TJC’s falling-price auctions, primarily focusing on their range of jewellery products. Leading the crew during broadcast, co-ordinating sales with buyers and ensuring financial targets were met. Prompting Presenters, providing them with information to aid their sales techniques and ensuring each show maintained the highest standards.

Responsibilities included:

  • Briefing Presenters and Crew about the day’s products, and providing them with additional information to aid with sales.
  • Checking products are ready to go on air and reporting any errors, issues or damage.
  • Producing the Presenters, offering notes, guidance and support during broadcast.
  • Leading the Crew during broadcast.
  • Managing the auction of products and meeting financial targets.
  • Graphics Operation.
  • Ensuring each broadcast adheres to OfCom guidelines.
  • Writing reports and providing feedback after each broadcast.



Feature Films:

  • Dance With The Devil – Producer (Cozy Powell Film Ltd, DOCUMENTARY IN PRODUCTION)

Short Films:

  • The Guest Narrator – Producer, Writer & Director (+44 Films)
  • Love Blind – Producer (Lee Hutchings Films)
  • United – Archive Producer (Joker’s Pack)
  • After It Fell – Producer (Change Films)

Music Videos:

  • Lyin’ – Producer (Ambrose Yalley, 2011)
  • So High – Producer (Ambrose Yalley, 2011)


  • Development and Production Assistant (Leo Media Group, 2008 – 2011)