Script Samples


#Hollywood Screenplay, feature film extract – Writer (WINNER – Monthly Contest, 2014)

The brief for this contest from was to create the opening 7 pages of the most ludicrous mock ‘Hollywood’ blockbuster script that the writer could conceive of.

This was my winning entry:

‘Romeo and Juliet vs Vampires Part 1- The Rise of the Revenge of the Fall of the Dawn of the Return of the Evil Essence – the Musical Redux’

Herbert Garland & Lawrence of Arabia, feature film extract – Writer (WINNER – Royal Society of Chemistry Screenplay Competition, 2013)

For this contest, the RSC asked us to re-write or re-imagine the film Lawrence of Arabia with forgotten hero Herbert Garland (who worked closely with TE Lawrence during the ‘revolt in the desert’) featuring in the screenplay.

I elected to write a combination of both new scenes featuring Garland and also to insert him into existing scenes from the classic film with notes to provide context.

Here is my winning entry:

Herbert Garland and Lawrence of Arabia – Screenplay Competition

The Deal, feature film extract – Writer (LONG-LISTED – 50 Kisses Screenplay Competition, 2013)

’50 Kisses’ was a writing contest with a difference: writers were asked to submit short scripts for an anthology film focusing on a kiss. The winning 50 scripts would be filmed and combined into an anthology feature film to be released.

‘The Deal’ was my entry, which was long-listed:

The Deal (50 Kisses Competition) by Andrew Fawn

Clearing Up, short play – Writer (SHORT-LISTED [final 10] – Capital Plays Competition, 2010)

The Capital Plays competition for 2010 was to write a short play based around David Cameron’s notion of the Big Society.

My entry looked at three housemates struggling to understand exactly what the Big Society is and how they can participate in it.

This is my short-listed entry:

Clearing Up by Andrew Fawn


Half Hearted, short film – Writer (LFA, 2007)

In the immediate fall-out from the break-up of a relationship, a couple argue over their possessions with shocking consequences.

Half Hearted by Andrew Fawn


Forever Unspoken, short film – drama/romance 

A disabled man and his dutiful wife ponder their past, present and future in a collision of memory, emotion and thought.

Forever Unspoken by Andrew Fawn

All work Copyright Andrew Fawn aka Andrew Kevin Fawn